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Ingo Hoffmann is a successful manager with a 30-year track record in the enterprise software sector. He has held executive positions in global software and technology companies such as SAP and IBM as well as startups and non-profits.


Over the past few years, Ingo has been extensively involved in the fields of innovation, digital transformation, and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) within companies. He spent 5 years working for IBM in the IBM Watson Health division and has provided support as a strategic consultant for the Competence Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Tübingen and the Cyber Valley Initiative (cyber-valley.de). He has also been involved as head of the AI ecosystem in the UnternehmerTUM appliedAI (appliedai.de) project, where he was one of the initiators of the AI4Germany program (ai4germany.de).


Mr Hoffmann has provided support to the German government in developing a national AI strategy and was appointed as an expert to the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) by the Federal Government in 2020. Link GPAI


GPAI is an international multi-stakeholder undertaking within which 15 states and the European Union have combined their expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) which they have acquired from research, commerce, and civil society as well as a wide range of different disciplines and approaches.


As a member of the ADI Innovation AG board, Mr Hoffmann advises company founders, managers, financial investors, and public bodies in the field of new technologies and the uses of artificial intelligence.


As Managing Director of AI.Hamburg (ai.hamburg), he also promotes the transfer and use of AI in companies across Hamburg and northern Germany.


On his blog - ingo-hoffmann.com - he regularly provides insights on the topics of innovation and artificial intelligence.


Ingo Hoffmann has a master's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe (now known as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT).








Johannes-Georg Voll is a full-time commercial lawyer; in addition to his decades of legal experience, he has also acquired practical skills as an executive board chairman, supervisory board chairman, and managing director in commercial operations.


Johannes-Georg is a Certified Compliance Officer (SHB) and a member of the ArMiD e.V. (Association of SME Supervisory Boards in Germany). As a lawyer, he specialises in providing comprehensive support for small and medium-sized business operations as well as offering highly bespoke advice and support for entrepreneurs and companies within Germany and Europe.


After active, operational involvement as Chairman of the Board at ADI Innovation, Johannes-Georg Voll now has roles with responsibility for the field of property rights exploitation and as in-house counsel. He also represents ADI Innovation in various networks and associations.


Johannes-Georg Voll’s work in the community includes involvement as Chairman of the Board of the non-profit Werner Stober Foundation in Karlsruhe, and memberships of both the Federal Executive Board of the German Economic Council and the Board of the Freudeschenken eV. charity.


Johannes-Georg Voll studied law and passed the 2nd State Examination in Jurisprudence at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.





Chairman of the board


Karl Schlagenhauf is the founder of ADI Innovation AG. 


He is a serial entrepreneur and has launched numerous start-ups in the high-tech sector in Europe and the USA. He resigned as CEO in 2003 and now holds positions as a senior adviser and Chairman of ADI Innovation’s supervisory board.


Karl works as a consultant to both private equity firms and public organisations, as well as offering coaching to young entrepreneurs. His focus has always been on cutting-edge technologies and their impact on social systems, combined with the orchestration of human, intellectual, and financial resources.


He has expanded his interests in recent years to include artificial intelligence and life sciences.


Published in 2019, the book "The Brain and AI" was inspired by the EU’s 1 billion euro Human Brain Project. The German engineer Karl Schlagenhauf and the Chinese scientist Fanji Gu provide an overview of the history of science and technology in the book, discussing and debating these issues from very different perspectives. A clash of differing points of view is thus inevitable, and an exciting exchange of opinions has been captured.

(The book is available from Amazon; don’t let the illustration of the Chinese title put you off).


Karl Schlagenhauf holds a Dr. phil. habil. advanced Doctorate in Philosophy and a Dipl. rer. pol. (techn.) degree in Politics; he was also a qualified independent lecturer (Privatdozent) at the University of Karlsruhe (now known as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT).




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