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Our focus has been on turning ideas and inventions into successful technological innovations ever since 1980, when ADI was launched as a spin-off from the University of Karlsruhe.


A long succession of proprietary product developments, joint ventures (with both SMEs and big-name global players), patent development/licensing projects, and corporate purchases and sales has taught us what matters the most if you are hoping for success in the technology business in Europe or the USA.


Our experience encompasses a host of applications, from database technology and factory automation systems through multimedia, Internet technology, financial engineering, mobile data communications, marketing automation, nanotechnology, and life sciences, to robot technology and the Internet of Things.


We now advise company founders, managers, financial investors, and public bodies on setting up new companies within new technology environments. Our specialised field is digital transformation and the application of artificial intelligence and machine-learning in companies and organisations. 


As members of supervisory boards and executive mentors and coaches of many years’ standing, we have amassed an excellent network of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, managers, and technology experts.




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